Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Fun

We had such a fun Halloween Trick-Or-Treating with Tracey Ann for the first time.

She and Hubby would walk up to a house holding hands, and then she would knock on the door.  When the door opened, she would say "Trick or Treat"... or something kind of like that, and then after she was given a piece of candy, she would say "Thank you."

After getting candy at the first house, she went to the second house, and when the person opened the door, she tried to give her candy to that homeowner.  It took her until about the fourth house to realize that she didn't have to give candy to anyone.

After about 45-60 minutes of Trick-or-Treating, we came home and handed out candy at home.

What a wonderful evening with our little Honeybee.


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