Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Daughter

If I have heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times regarding child rearing, 
"Boys are easier."

Now, I never grew up with a brother, and I do not yet have a son, so I don't know if that statement is actually true.  What I do know is that I don't care.

A huge life's dream is coming true for me in that I am raising a daughter.

I have always wanted a baby girl.  I wanted a baby sister for years but that was not in God's plan for my life.  I never wanted to rush into having children -- my parents raised me to have the wisdom of understanding the importance of a loving husband, a healthy marriage, financial stability-ish, and a mature mindset before having children, but a raising a daughter has always been one of my my heartfelt dreams.

When I was pregnancy with Tracey Ann, we did not find out her gender, and I was convinced she was a boy.  When she was born and Hubby announced, "IT'S A GIRL!," it literally took days for the knowledge to sink in for me that I actually had a baby girl -- my dream come true.

Now, 21-plus months later, she is a handful, no doubt, but she is still my dream-come-true.  Every time I get to brush her perfect, fine hair; Every time I dress her in skirts and dresses; Every time she plays outside and climbs on everything and her little dresses get dirty and worn, as they should become when worn by a healthy, active one-year-old; Every time I see her twirl around; Every time I see her get excited to watch My Little Pony, which I loved as a kid, I see my dream coming true.

I know we will have tumultuous years ahead.  We will have conflicts as mother and daughter as I try to raise her, as best I can, in a very scary world.  Maybe someday I will agree that, "Boys are easier," but my daughter is my dream-come-true.

I hope we have a son in our family because I would love to see Hubby with a son, and Tracey Ann be loved and protected by a brother -- and if and when we are blessed in that way, I will figure out how to mother a little boy, or two.  But, if both of these twins are girls, I can honestly say I will be nothing but thrilled because I love little girls and have dreamed of having and raising little girls.

I have always dreamed of being a mother... I have always dreamed of raising "a bunch" of children... and I have always dreamed of raising, at least one (maybe more) daughter...

I am beyond humbled as I watch my dreams coming true every day.

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