Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dear Tracey Ann,

Dear Tracey Ann,

My sweet baby, you are such a wonderful, intelligent, and caring little girl.  You have handled this move to a new house like a champ (certainly better than you Mama has) and you LOVE sleeping and napping in your new big girl bed.

You have a favorite blanket and you do love your pacifier.  You have become an adorable toddler walking around the house after naps with one or two pacifiers in your hands, and a blanket hanging down around your legs making it difficult (and adorable) for you to walk.

You are saying so many words now, and you will actually repeat after us when we ask you to say something.  Up until a few weeks ago, you would just smile or laugh when we asked you to say something... now you try to repeat almost anything we ask you to.  You now say so many words, but some of the more recent words or phrases that come to mind right now are the following:
  • Thank you "Tank ooo"
  • Good Morning, Daddy "Moring Daddy"
  • Train "Choo-choo"
  • Juice
  • Cookie (We survived 20 months before she learned that word, and now she LOVES cookies)
  • Outside "Side side"
  • Passie (Happy)
  • Blankie (Ankie)
  • I Love You "I of ooo"
  • Truck "Tuck"
  • Hot
  • Cold "Coh"
  • Movie "Moo-ey"
 You love to answer our questions with "Yes" or "No" -- and you usually mean your response of "Yes" or "No."  You always answer "Yes" when we ask you if you want to go somewhere or go for a ride.  You love to go anywhere -- especially with Daddy.  If you're having a particularly hard time or hard day, we can often get you out of your bad mood by asking you some questions and getting your mind on something else -- a choice you're allowed to make.
You LOVE to hear stories and if we ask you if you want to hear a story, and you say, "Yes," we can then ask you to bring us a book, and you will and then curl up in our lap ready to read.
In some ways, your daddy and I wish we could let you continue as an only child because we love that you get so much of our undivided attention, and we know two babies in the house, and Mama recovering from having them will turn your world upside down.
But, we know we are really giving you a true gift in giving you siblings, and we hope and pray that you are able to take great pride in your role as a big sister, and grow to love, cherish, play with, and appreciate your younger siblings.
You sort of know that there are babies in Mama's tummy, and I'm sure you have noticed that Mama cannot keep up with you as easily these days... but I know you do not have an understanding yet of the fact you will become a big sister or that babies are coming to our house to stay, and what that will mean regarding Mama and Daddy's attention and responsibilities.
Whatever the next few months (and years) bring, Tracey Ann, always remember that you are Mama's little girl.  You are our first sweet baby, and you are our curious, creative, hilarious, happy toddler.  We love you, and your siblings more than anything in the world.  We will do everything we can to treasure these last few months with you as our only child, and everything we can to ease your transition into Big Sisterhood.  We know you are going to be such a help to Mama and Daddy with the babies and continue growing into the caring, helpful big girl that you are.
We love you so much, Tracey Ann.  We could not be more proud to be your Mama and Daddy.

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