Thursday, November 5, 2015

First Family Movie Night

Last night Hubby, Tracey Ann, and I had our first family movie night, and it was SO much fun.

The scene was set by the fact that I have been told to take it REALLY easy when I come home in the afternoons after work, which pretty much translates into Hubby running the show at home while I'm off my feet in the evenings.

I'm learning with this pregnancy that, just like any other medical situation, I have good days and bad says.  Tuesday was a really rough day, and I was in a lot of discomfort.  When I came home, I went right to bed and pretty much didn't move.  Yesterday was a much more comfortable day, and so, when I came home, I rested on the couch while Tracey Ann was playing around me.

It was a cold and rainy evening and we ended up renting Inside Out from Redbox -- which is a very rare thing for us to even consider doing on a Wednesday night, and Tracey Ann had never sat through a movie before... but we just decided to take a shot.

 We had SO much fun.  Tracey Ann definitely did not sit still and pay attention for the entire movie nonstop, but Hubby and I did not watch the entire movie nonstop.  We had a few phone calls, the pregnancy Mama had to make a few trips to the bathroom, and we all got up and ate dinner about halfway through.

But despite the interruptions and intermissions, we all enjoyed the entire movie and we had a blast.  Tracey Ann loved the fact the movie was a cartoon and had lots of bright colors and fun characters, and Hubby and I enjoyed the plot and the humor.

Last night was such a reminder to me of what a blessing this season is in our life before the twins are born -- even the fact I have to restrict my activities -- these days and weeks have the potential to be beautiful, memory-filled times when we are still a family of three.

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