Friday, August 14, 2015


A few days ago I saw a pregnancy announcement on facebook where a couple shared that they were expecting twins.  I immediately was feeling a camaraderie with this couple and was excited to watch the video of them sharing the news.

In the video, they presented her parents with a cake decorated with two babies in frosting, sort of like two-peas in a pod.  The parents (now grandparents) were thrilled and shocked to realize the meaning of the images on this cake and kept asking, "Really?," "Are you serious?"

After about a minute of shock, when the grandma again asked, "Are you serious?" the new mother responded, "Unfortunately."

My heart just sank to hear that word come out of her mouth.  Really?  That's what she shared on film for the entire facebook world to see?  It is unfortunate that she is having twins?

I know I am hormonal, but I was heartbroken to hear that, and all camaraderie I was feeling toward the couple immediately vanished.

So, when she looks at her ultrasound, which embryo does she wish hadn't attached?  When her children are born, which is she going to think of as "planned" and which will she consider the "surprise" or "unfortunate" one?

I know I am taking her comment way to literally... but was are LITERALLY talking about a child.  A child who will enter the world and enter a family, and if his/her parents are not excited about his/her arrival, WHO IS?!?!?!

These twins are probably going to watch this video announcement someday, and what are they going to think of that comment?

Sure, I am sure that one day, they will watch the video understand, as adults, what a tremendous responsibility twins are for parents, and understand that the prospect of having twins might be overwhelming.  But there will be a number of years or decades before the twins have that adult perspective where they will probably wonder why Mom thought having twins was unfortunate, and what does that mean about how she feels about us?

Let the record show, from the moment the doctor told us we were expecting twins, Hubby and I were elated.  We have always wanted a big family, we have always wanted Tracey Ann to have multiple siblings.  WE ARE THRILLED!

We also have moments of self-doubt and fear for the big change coming into our life and wonder exactly how we will handle three children in two years... but we are very excited for the challenge and are completely in love with both of our babies on the way -- and their big sister, who is such a joy.

Rest assured, we feel incredibly FORTUNATE to be expecting twins.

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