Saturday, August 8, 2015


So, since I've announced that we are expecting twins, I haven't really written much about my pregnancy of the range of emotions we are having in preparing for twins, mostly because we've been visiting family and so my blogs posts are different -- shorter and quicker because I'm up later with family.

So... now that I'm home I'll be more in the routine of sharing thoughts and some longer posts.

Twins.  We are having twins.

We are so excited and we feel unbelievably blessed.

At times, I do admit that I am nervous... but I was nervous before having Tracey Ann.

Having twin babies... and three babies in less than two years is a huge, life-changing situation, and require tremendous amounts of energy and financial support.  I don't know how we are going to do this.

But, when I start to feel nervous and overwhelmed, I think about the number of things that I do know:
  • Hubby and I have always wanted a big family
  • Hubby and I have always wanted our children close in age
  • We feel so incredibly fortunate that we are able to conceive naturally, and relatively quickly -- and apparently, multiple babies
  • We make a great team and we have parents and families, who, although they are far away, are incredibly loving and supportive
  • I am healthy and young... and yes, I will need to be careful, and take care of my body, and get more rest in the coming months, but we are believing a very positive outlook for the duration of this pregnancy
  • We firmly believe that these children are blessings from God, and He will provide us everything we need when we need it -- including sleep and resources
  • We also believe that we worship a God who hears our prayers (and the prayers of our family and friends) and so as we cry out to Him for His blessing and protection over this pregnancy and these babies, we pray with expectation for those prayers to be answered
So -- twins -- crazy, exciting, major, awesome, scary, and faith-building.

Please join us in these optimistic and faithful prayers.

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