Monday, August 31, 2015

Preggers II: Twins 18 Weeks

18 Weeks:

How far along?  18 weeks

How I am feeling?  I'm feeling well, but very tired in the afternoons and evenings, especially on days when I work.  Also, very large, but I am just continuing to tell myself how important that is for two healthy babies in a few months.

How big are babies?  The size of bell peppers... 7 ounces and about 5.5 inches long from head to bottom

Sleep:  Pretty well although I'm up two to five times a night to use the restroom.

Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl Predictions:  Not really anything yet

Babies Nicknames:  Babies, or Twins 
Weight Gain/Loss:  I'm still about even with what I weighed I became pregnant

Best moment this week:  I love feeling the babies kick and move, although it doesn't seem to be strong enough for Hubby to feel yet.  Also, I went back to work this past week, and I enjoy knowing that the twins are with me while I work every day and anywhere I go for the next few months.

Food cravings:  Nothing really... I just have to make sure I'm eating regularly -- my tummy just feels so full most of the time -- two babies take up a lot of room.

Missing:  My energy in the evenings -- it is hard to come home from work and be whipped.  Our clean laundry sits in the basket for days because when I finally get Tracey Ann in bed and get off my feet at the end of the day, I don't move.
Movements:  Yes, little pokes, when I quiet down for the night -- usually more often on my right side than my left, but sometimes I'll feel the left side get poked.

Labor Signs:  No, thankfully.
Comparison:  Here I am carrying Tracey Ann at 18 weeks:

And here I am with the twins at 18 weeks:

Hubby and I cannot even believe the difference.  I am GIGANTIC at 18 weeks compared to my first pregnancy -- but again, two healthy babies are the goal, and I will be bigger as a result.
General Attitude:  Feeling good and sort of amazed that I could be about half way through this pregnancy.  Thirty-six weeks is considered full-term with twins, and my doctor wants to induce at 38 weeks (although, we're still determining the best course of action), and so I really am just about halfway through.

 What I am looking forward to this week:  The MICHIGAN football season opener is on Thursday AND it is in Utah AND Hubby and I will be there!!!!  We have been excited about this and planning this for nearly a year, and it is ALMOST HERE!  Plus, I get to wear my cute Michigan maternity shirt again!!!  GO BLUE!

Milestones:  I'm roughly half-way through the pregnancy... or at least close.

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