Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Not An Adventure

** Note: We had a wonderful time with family in Mexico.  It was a great time with lots of memories and Tracey Ann was such a trooper, and had a blast with her cousins and Miller family.  That being said, this post is written in hindsight of our fun vacation. **

I remember traveling to foreign countries when I was younger and it was such an adventure.  It didn't matter if I was on a college chorus trip, or studying abroad, or taking a side trip from studying abroad, or on my honeymoon, or vacationing with my parents -- foreign countries were such an adventure.

At this stage of my life, foreign countries are not an adventure.

Foreign countries are really hard on my little family and the beautiful cultural experience is lost amongst a toddler who won't sleep or eat, and a pregnant body that does not feel well and just wants to eat and drink food and water that I'm sure will not make me sick.

With children who are fascinated by the differences, intrigued by the food, and excited for the tropical excursions, international travel will be A LOT of fun -- still slightly stressful, but very fun and memorable.  With a toddler and twins on the way, the differences were hard on our schedule, the food was, at times, scary, and the tropical excursions were minimal.  Because we were with family, the trip was definitely fun... but the trip was work.

I hope that in another ten to fifteen years, I will be able to travel abroad with my husband and children and enjoy the foreign experiences and idiosyncrasies of international travel adventures... but for the time being, international travel is not an adventure.

I just hope I remember to come back and read this post the next time my husband or I have wanderlust that has us looking for our passports...

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