Friday, August 28, 2015

Manly Man

My Hubby is a manly man.  He eats fire for breakfast and kills a bear for dinner.

When I asked my manly man to take care of a wasps' nest inside the side view mirror of my work vehicle (the car had sat dormant all summer), I should have known that his manly encounter with wasps would not stop at my side view mirror.

After eradicating the next in my car, he circled the house to see if any other nests had deigned to be built on our property.  Low and behold, he saw one at the cornice of our roof and immediately decided to attack.

In his shorts and flip-flops, he climbed a ladder up to our roof, walked on the lower level up to the cornice, aimed his wasp spray and let 'er rip.

The wasp spray did its job... but as you can imagine, fumigated wasps began flying, flopping, and falling everywhere.  And, as you can imagine, Hubby began dancing and prancing -- on our roof -- in his flip-flops trying to avoid them.

Well, my manly-man eradicated the wasps without a single sting (I never doubted him), but did leave us discussing possible safer ways to handle wasps nests in the future.

I love my manly Hubby.

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