Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tracey Ann - 19 Months

I have certainly fallen down on my monthly posts about Tracey Ann's progress... and even tonight, I don't think many pictures will accompany this post, but she is doing some awesome things that I want to make sure I remember down the road:
  • Tracey Ann LOVES to dance -- anytime she hears music playing, she starts flapping her arms and stomping her feet... it is absolutely adorable!
  • She has an "attitude look" that she will give us randomly -- not necessarily when she's upset with us... just randomly when she feels like it.  She narrows her eyes and points her head down and then looks up at you with a pout on her face, and it is absolutely hysterical.  After weeks of our wondering what in the world she is doing and where she learned this, we started giving the look back to her, and she immediately bursts out laughing.  So, we still don't know exactly what is up with this look, and I REALLY want to get a picture of her doing it, but it cracks us up!
  • She has recently started putting words together to ask "yes, please", "more, please", "help, please" and I am THRILLED!  I love that she is learning manners at such a young age.  The only problem is, she thinks if she says 'please' the answer should always be 'yes', and she gets upset when that is not the case.
  • Her hair is long enough for a pony tail or pigtails, and I absolutely love it!  I have quickly learned that I am not adept at toddler hair styles, but I LOVE that she is old enough for little pony tails.
  • She has started giving us hugs when we say that we need a hug, and it is adorable.
  • She can drink small amounts from a cup without spilling -- well, she can drink large amounts from a cup without spilling too, but after a few gulps, she gets bored and starts playing with the remaining milk in the cup, which makes a mess
  • In the past month, she has started saying "Hi" to everyone she sees.  Now, I know a lot of children that do this at a much younger age, and I've been theorizing why Tracey Ann has waited this long to be so social with strangers, and I think I know why she was hesitant before now -- As a baby, she was very cautious of strangers.  She never threw fits or clung to us, but when she saw people she didn't know, she would study them with a very serious look on her face.  She would not smile, wave, or talk to strangers, long after she was smiling, waving, and talking.  I think she is just naturally a girl who takes her time to warm up and feel comfortable in new situations and with new people.  Now, months later, she feels confident enough when we're out and about, seeing perfect strangers to smile, wave, and say, "Hi" to everyone she sees.
  • She is such a sweetheart and we thank God every day for such a precious, healthy daughter.

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