Friday, August 7, 2015

Home Sweet Home

WE are HOME!!!

I didn't post yesterday because we were driving all night from St. Louis to Colorado -- we left St. Louis at 11pm CST and arrived in Rifle at 4:00pm MST.

Being home, so far, the best parts are:
  • Loading my own dishwasher with my own dishes -- that was such a comfort -- I LOVE my dishwasher
  • Knowing where everything belongs in my own kitchen
  • Watching Tracey Ann recognize that we were home and recognize her nursery
  • Crawling into MY OWN BED with my husband -- we LOVE our bed
  • Watching the GOP Republican debate -- that isn't' specific to being home, but we were able to watch it in our own home as we unpacked and made dinner
Now, we need to re-group and prepare for a new school year.

Praise God for our safe travels all summer and for arriving home to our little home.

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