Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Adventures

I love it when my husband and I can experience new adventures together.  Now, yes, it's great when we can go zip-lining or whitewater rafting, but I just mean life adventures.

I can't go into details, but the last 36 hours have included a new adventure in life and marriage for us.

We are in the process of doing something we have never done before, and it has given us a new marital adventure together.  In the past 36 hours we have:
  • stayed up late making Pro/Con lists
  • stayed up late writing out financial options and implications
  • both been awake again at 4:00am to further discuss our options
  • attended meetings together
  • presented proposals together
  • and, come to some decisions together
We have done a few of those bullet points before in our marriage when we were weighing options for a big life decision, but never all of them in such a short period.  This has been another new adventure for us to experience together as a husband and wife team and we feel so blessed to be able to do tackle it together.

Please stay tuned and keep us in your prayers.

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