Monday, August 3, 2015

Pregnant... Not Hung Over

I will be marketing a new maternity shirt designed to be worn in the first few months of pregnancy for mothers who, like myself, find themselves vomiting intermittently, everywhere they go.

The shirt will read
"Pregnant... Not Hung Over."

This way, when a mother-to-be finds herself queasy and less-than-composed in a public place, she can just focus her energy entirely on feeling better instead of wishing that every other person walking past her didn't think she was irresponsible and hung over.

This way, she can feel free to look completely unkempt in the morning (as her morning sickness might require), and freely throw up in any public restroom, outdoor flower pot, trash can, or airplane airsick bag she may need to make use of (as her morning sickness/motion sickness/general pregnancy sickness might require).

Look for these shirts available in time for Christmas at all major department and maternity stores.

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