Sunday, February 15, 2015

What a Blessing

Yesterday, our Valentine's day was okay... some things went according to plan and some things did not (more about that later this week).  But there was one big surprise and big blessing.

Hubby, Tracey Ann and I went out to dinner -- a litter later than we normally would because Tracey Ann took a late afternoon nap and didn't awaken until 5:30pm.

The details of our actual dinner are not that important, except to say, as we were finishing our deal we agreed that we weren't thrilled with our experience at this restaurant.  We waited a LONG time for our food (with a toddler who is still working on the concept of patience), and when our food arrived it was fine... but not so amazing that it outweighed how long we had to wait for it.

When the meal was over, Hubby asked for our bill and the waitress informed us that we didn't have a bill.  We couldn't believe it.  We both immediately felt a change of heart towards the restaurant.  They must have realized how long they had made us wait for our food and wanted to make ammends.

As we clarified this point with the waitress, she informed us that our bill was not comped by the restaurant... but covered by another patron.

We had run into a family that we knew a little before dinner -- a family that Chris had had their son in class last year -- and this lovely family, who had left the restaurant fifteen minutes or more, earlier had anonymously paid our bill and treated us to dinner.

We were -- and still are -- stunned, and blessed, and speechless.  I have heard of patrons doing that for random strangers, and I have heard of patrons doing that for Military personal.  But we are just average people, and we are small town teachers.  The last thing we would ever expect to end our Valentine's meal was to find out that the parents of one of Chris' former students had treated us to dinner.

How do you repay a blessing that is so out of the blue, and unexpected, and you are so humbled to receive?  The words "Thank you" seem so inadequate... but the only thing one can say is "Thank you."

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