Thursday, February 5, 2015

So Full

These days, my hands are full.  So very full.

Tracey Ann is bigger than ever, and often needs to be held.  I wish I could say she still wants to be held, which sometimes she does, but often, she is crawling, climbing, or jumping into things, which necessitates her being picked up or carried.  She has also learned how to give hugs and kisses, and so, at times, she really does love to snuggle and give me a big hug around the neck.

I am still nursing Tracey Ann and so often she falls asleep during her evening or early morning feeding.  I get to cuddle her close as I walk her from our room back to her crib.

If I had to name a "problem child" at the moment, it would be our kitty, Lexie.  She has been demanding attention lately -- both in a loving and inconvenient way.  The loving part is that she is accepting attention from Tracey Ann (who LOVES her).  Occasionally, she will let Tracey Ann not only pet her, but hug her, and even sometimes lay down on top of her -- giving her a REALLY big hug.  The inconvenience is that, I don't always have a hand to cuddle Lexie when she wants it.

Sometimes, when Tracey Ann is cuddling in my bed, Lexie decides she wants to cuddle too... and so I try to have all the girls cuddle together.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not, but my hands are kept so full in the process.

When I walk through the door, Lexie wants attention NOW.  Well, Tracey Ann also wants attention NOW.  There have been many afternoons when I have Lexie on one shoulder and Tracey Ann on my other shoulder... which works until Lexie gets tired of Tracey Ann trying to pet her tail across my body.

Now, our most easy-going animal is our pup, Lloyd... but Lloyd needs attention too.  In fact, when I walk through the door is one of his most demanding times of the day.  He jumps and jumps and jumps (I know, we're horrible owners) until I acknowledge him with a greeting and a head rub.

So, yes, your math is right... I don't have enough hands when I walk through the door.  Cat in one hand, baby in one hand... dog jumping on my chest.  I have been known to put the cat and baby on the same side, so I have a hand to pet Lloyd -- you know, cat on the shoulder, baby on the hip.

We won't even add the factor of a hand to greet my Hubby.  Luckily, he doesn't arrive home at the same time or I'd really be in trouble.  Although, he would probably be happy for me to greet him with my lips -- no need for another hand.

My hands are so full right now.  And my heart is so happy.

My bed is so full right now.  All night, every night, our queen-sized bed accommodates my big, burly Hubby, my matronly self, and our 80-pound black lab.  Then, our one-year old comes to nurse a few times a night... and we have quite the system down after more than a year of doing it -- I lay on my side, and she lays on her back, and we both doze while she feeds.  Then, our sweet Lexie-girl seems to want to sleep in our bed these days.
We have a very full bed.  And we are so happy.

I am truly "The Wife and Mom" and my husband, daughter and animals let me know many times a day how much they love me, and how much they need me.

I really am living my dream-come-true.

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