Sunday, February 8, 2015

Loving Lexie

As I posted a few days ago, Tracey Ann LOVES Lexie.  She tries to be gentle with her, but she gets SO excited when she sees Lexie, she almost immediately lets out a little shriek and makes a bee-line for her.  Luckily Lexie is an intelligent, fast, and nimble cat.  If Lexie doesn't want to be loved by Tracey Ann at that moment, she quickly moves to where Tracey Ann can't reach her.

I'd say when Tracey Ann makes a bee-line for Lexie,
about 70% of the time, Lexie moves away,
about 20% of the time, Lexie allows Tracey Ann to get one or two pets or hugs in before Lexie moves away,
and, a beautiful 10% of the time, Lexie allows Tracey Ann to hug, and pet, and follow her, and squeeze her -- it is the most precious thing we have ever seen.

We have seen Lexie allow Tracey Ann to REALLY love on her several times... but we have never managed to get a good picture, mostly because we are monitoring the situation very closely to make sure that Tracey Ann doesn't get too aggressive, and Lexie always has an escape route.

Yesterday, however, Hubby was able to get some pictures of this adorable interaction as Tracey Ann pet, hugged, and laid on top of Lexie for a prolonged interaction, while Lexie cautiously purred away.

I can tell that Lexie is sort of weighing her options in this picture... "Do I want to be loved right now, or do I want to leave?"

 "Okay, I won't admit it... but this is kind of nice.  I will tolerate this for a minute."

I can tell Tracey Ann is really trying to be gentle here.

Still trying to be gentle... but getting a little excited about Lexie soft face.

Tracey Ann thinks to herself, "Ooooo... these whiskers are cool..."

"Oh, yes, Daddy, I'm trying to be gentle.  I forgot for a minute with those cool whiskers, but now I remember.  I'm being gentle."

"I really will try to remember to be gentle, Lexie.  I love you so much.  Here, let me give you a HUGE hug to show you how much I love you."

After the huge hug, Lexie decided to relocate, into her favorite cupboard... into which Tracey Ann immediately followed her.  (Chris pulled Tracey Ann out of there right after this picture was taken.)  Lexie did so well with Tracey Ann, but she's entitled to her space, when she needs it.

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