Monday, February 16, 2015


This year, I was incredibly unfair to my husband on Valentine's day.

I did not mean to be, and it took me the majority of the day to figure it out... but my wonderful Hubs definitely was unfairly blindsided this Valentine's day.

Our little lovebug hardly sits still long enough for me to get pictures of her these days... but I managed to snap a couple.
This is the sixth Valentine's day Hubby and I have been together -- the fourth since we've been married.  We always do something romantic and small for Valentine's day.  In the past we've gone out to dinner, or cooked dinner together, we've gone to a movie, or we've seen a play... just something fun and out of the ordinary, and we exchange Valentine's card, but nothing major.

Getting in Mama's makeup to be ready for her Valentine's date (Mama and Daddy)
So, to review, our Valentine's day of have been fun and out of the ordinary, but nothing major.  Well, this year, due to many demands on his time and energy, Hubby focused more on the "nothing major" instead of the "fun and out of the ordinary" part of Valentine's Day.  He knew that we had never made a really big deal, and always tried to be wise with our money, so this year he was pretty content to just go along with whatever I wanted to do that day, and not really make any plans of his own.

What I learned this Valentine's Day, and what my poor Hubby, was told very unfairly, apparently, now that I am 4 years into marriage, 1 year into motherhood, keeper of the home, and working a full time job... I want him to make some kind of Valentine's Day plans.

Here we are waiting for a table, while Tracey Ann eats a pretzle
As Hubby was content to do whatever I wanted that day... as the day progressed, I couldn't figure out why he didn't have anything planned.  He couldn't figure out why I was upset.  He's never really planned anything before -- I made our plans, and he would do what I wanted, and bring a Valentine's Day card along.

This year I had a few surprises for him, and I was crushed when he didn't return the effort.
Tracey Ann is very into sharing these days... here she is sharing her pretzel with Daddy
Finally by mid-afternoon, I realized that I had, very unfairly, changed the game on him.  I didn't know, until this year, that I want a Valentine's Day celebration.  It doesn't have to be major, or expensive... but I want my Hubby to plan SOMETHING special and out-of-the-ordinary as a way for him to let me know that I am his love, and his Valentine.

What a CUTIE!
Our days are so full of chores, life, responsibilities, plenty of joy... but lots of routine.  I want Valentine's Day to be a break in the routine.  I don't care if its a simple and inexpensive as Hubby telling me he's doing the laundry that week, or he's giving me a 30-minute back massage after Tracey Ann goes to sleep, or he's letting me sleep in that morning and he will get up with Tracey Ann... I want a break in the routine, and a demonstration of love.

I love this outfit!
My wonderful Hubby was so loving and understanding when I finally shared my thoughts.  He also lovingly forgave me changing the Valentine's game and being so unfair with my expectations for a Holiday that's never really been a big deal.

Just another change that motherhood brings.

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