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Flashback: Rome Update 3

Flashback: Rome Update 3

September 13, 2004

Hey Everyone -
The past week was the first week of classes here and I believe mine
will be pretty good.  The work load seems very doable, and the material
seems interesting.  So far, I find myself with plenty of free time which
is a nice luxury when one is in Rome.

I had a disappointment this weekend when I could not find ANYWHERE in
this city televising the Michigan v. Notre Dame game.  I spent the
majority of last week exploring the city by way of going from pub-to-pub
speaking broken Italian trying to ask about the game.  In the end, all
efforts were in vain, AND, to add insult to injury, Michigan lost!  :(
I guess that's what happens when I'm not able to cheer for them.

For those of you who are interested, my address here is:

Brooke Sanden
C\O John Cabot University
Box 457
Via della Lungara 233
00165 Rome

I would not recommend sending anything breakable or valuable or that
can't afford to not make it to me.  I understand the Italian mail system
is not very reliable.  Also, rumor has it that any mail that arrives in
a box requires me to pay a tax on it, while any mail that arrives in
paper, padded or manilla envelopes are fine and are exempt from the

My phone number, for those of you wishing to burn money is:
335-775-8730... but I think first you have to dial a 011-36 or
something like that.  I don't know.

Everyone will be very happy to know that my apartment has had hot water
for five days now!  YAY!  When the plumber finally arrived, he told us
cold showers were good for our skin.  We assured him that our skin was
just fine and that we had enough cold showers to last our skin a very
long time.

I send my love to you all and hope everything is going well for you.

- Brooke

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