Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10 (Plus) on 10

So last month, I saw that a friend had posted 10 on 10 -- Ten photos taken on the tenth of the month.

I decided to take ten photos on the tenth... and I took 84 pictures.  So, I had to pair things down... and here are 10-ish pictures taken on the 10th.

Little Miss awoke as I was leaving...

So, I got to see her before I left and she cuddled with Daddy (she's wrapped in the blanket)

The photos I keep up in my office - 75 mile from home by 7:15am

 It was sunny on my drive... by snowing by 10:30am, when I head to my next school

... but blue skies 50 miles down the road

Working on a Braille assignment at home, with help from Lexie

Workout with weights while Tracey Ann naps (her monitor is on my iPad)

Hit my goal of 10,000 steps by 6:00pm - 12,000 by the time I went to bed

Up from her nap, Tracey Ann played ball with Lloyd

Dinner time!

Giggles post-bath

Daddy's home, and Tracey Ann and I are so happy to see him!

Reading Proverbs 10, on the tenth

Now that Tracey Ann is in bed, Lexie wants some love...

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