Monday, February 23, 2015

The Irony...

I really enjoy the Academy Awards each year... which is so ironic, because I'm not a big movie person.  I enjoy movies... but not new movies that are released in theaters.  I think $10/person is WAY to much to spend to see a movie on the big screen, when I can wait a few months and rent it for $1.50 from redbox... and I think most movies that are made these days are really lousy, or so violent that I don't want to see them even if they are good.

It is therefor ironic how much I would enjoy the Academy Awards each year.

Mostly, I think I love the pomp and circumstance, the history, the ceremony, and the show.

Last night, my favorite moments were
  • when Best Supporting Actor told everyone to call their parents
  • when Idina Menzel mispronounced John Travolta's name
  • the 50th Anniversary tribute to The Sound of Music sung by Lady Gaga -- I have to say, I was INCREDIBLY impressed with the class, grace, and respect Lady Gaga paid to The Sound of Music.  Her voice was amazing, and she was dressed beautifully.  My husband couldn't believe it was Lady Gaga... but it was clear that she realized the tribute wasn't about HER, she was the one honored to be performing the tribute.  Then, she introduced Julie Andrews as "The incomparable Julie Andrews, "which was pure class.
There are less and less people who Thank God every year, which saddens me.  But, I am paying more attention to what people say about their children in their acceptance speeches.

What a fun event -- I just wish it wasn't on a Sunday.

... And I just have to say -- these people are actors, can't they memorize their acceptance speech?  I understand the directors, sound guys, make-up artists not being able to memorize things... but these actors are WINNING AWARDS based on their awesome acting talent and a part of that is memorizing lines.  Shouldn't they be able to memorize their acceptance speech?

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