Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Treasuring the Present: The Dusty Boot

We have eaten out with Tracey Ann many times in her seven months of life... but yesterday, was the best experience yet.

In the past, in restaurants, we have engaged in rocking, breast feeding, walking around, playing with toys, eating a little food, and more.

Yesterday, Tracey Ann sat in her little high chair and ate grown up food the ENTIRE time we were at the Dusty Boot.

The four of us were STARVING because we planned to eat up in Vail, but we opted to wait for 30 miles and eat in Eagle.

We ate outside on a beautiful deck, with Lloyd and Gus laying at our feet, and Tracey Ann was an absolute delight.

Hubby and I both commented that it was the best time we have had eating out with Tracey Ann ever.

She started by eating part of a banana, then she was excited to try some of the lettuce we gave her from our lettuce wraps, then pickles and mashed carrots kept her happy for the rest of the meal.

BOTH Hubby and I enjoyed our ENTIRE meal without interruption.  She was a perfect little lady eating at the table with us.

I know there will be good and bad restaurant in the future, but I want to remember this first perfect meal with our sweet Tracey Ann.

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