Monday, September 1, 2014

Hanging Lake

This past weekend, we did our first hike with Tracey Ann.

We had a great time, and Tracey Ann was such a trooper riding in the baby backpack for the first time.

Here are some shots from the hike:

In the backpack for the first time

We're ready...

And we're off...

Aunts Sharon and Nancy wondered what we had gotten them into...

Eventually we swapped the sun hat for the sun shade

... And eventually, she conked out

We made it to the top

Love this picture, Tracey Ann's in the backpack

Aunt Sharon at Spouting Rock telling the world she's about to turn 60

Sharon and Nance agreed that the hike was worth it

Tracey Ann woke up to see the top

She's such a little trooper

The whole group

And bundled up for the hike down, in the rain

Back at the bottom, Sharon and Nance are saying,

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