Sunday, September 21, 2014

Great Minds

Great minds really do think alike.

Both Hubby and I realized this week that we were in need of an adult date night, outside of the house, with just the two of us.

We probably have needed one for awhile -- but with my having been out of town last weekend, and stress of being a part and then catching up at home, this week a date was REALLY NEEDED.

So, trying to be a good wife, I contacted a family from church and arranged for them to watch Tracey Ann on Saturday night, without Chris' knowledge.  What a great surprise.

Trying to be a good husband, Hubby contacted our nanny and arranged for her to watch Tracey Ann Friday night, without my knowledge.  What a great surprise.

Great minds really think alike!  We decided that, even though we had two dates arranged, we only needed one.  We had a great date Friday night.  Dinner in Glenwood Springs with dessert to go, then we picked up Tracey Ann and came home for a redbox movie and dessert in bed.

Great date!  Great Hubby!

We must do this again!

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