Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Hubby is The Best!!!

My Hubby has a birthday today, and I am the bad wife who is 800 miles away.


You are:
The best daddy to our baby girl
The most amazing hubby in the world
The one who can always make me laugh
The one who cooks the best food
The hardest worker
The best at serving your students
The best at loving your school
The best at forgiving
The best at being goofy with our daughter
The best at rough-housing with our pets
The best at being easy-going
The best hunter
The best at romance
The best at providing for us
The best at dreaming
The best at seeing the bright side of life
The best at encouraging me
The best handy-man
... simply put...
I am SO thankful that God put you on this earth and chose me to be your wife.

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