Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Recently Chris and I had a friend in the area who miscarried her baby in her second trimester.  We are heartsick for her husband and her.  We sent them a card, and have kept them in our prayers, but we are feeling helpless as to any other way to offer comfort.

Both Chris and I ran into the no-longer-mother-to-be yesterday, and she was, understandably, a ball of emotions.  It was her first day back to work, and her eyes welled up with tears whenever she spoke.

After running into her, I have kissed, and hugged, and cuddled, and tickled Tracey Ann more than usual.  Last night, with my arms full of my healthy baby girl, my heart ached for the many wives whose arms are empty.

Chris and I love how our life has changed as we've become parents... but life is crazy.

We have two full-time jobs,
we have an over-full-time baby,
we are having a hard time balancing work and baby and family and marriage and fun,
we have less sleep,
less money,
less time together,
less romance,
less showers,
less down time,
less recreation,
less dates,
less travel,
less time with friends...

We also have more joy than we ever could have imagined.
When we were married, we were happier than either of us had ever been...
but now, we are different people.

We have more laughs,
more snuggles,
more giggles,
more smiles,
more excitement,
more joy,
more light,
just more

Our arms are full,
our life is full,
our hearts are full.

We have no idea why we are so blessed,
and our hearts break for the mothers and fathers whose arms are empty.

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