Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Am...

Since becoming a mother, I find myself frequently thinking about Tracey Ann's heritage.  I think about all the history from both Chris and my sides of the family and it blows my mind that all of the genes and heritage have come together, down through generations to create our perfect baby girl.

In thinking about all of Tracey Ann's heritage, I find myself mildly amazed by my own heritage.

Forgive me for sounding proud and arrogant... but I am all that is best in America.

I Am ...
  •  The only child of my parent's union
  • Descendant of a pediatrician who attended college and medical school on full scholarships
  • Descendant of a mother who's dream came true when I was born
  • Descendant of a WWII Veteran
  • Descendant of strong Scotts
  • Descendant of farmers
  • Descendant of businessmen
  • Descendant of doctors
  • Descendant of inventors
  • Descendant of strong Norwegians
  • Descendant of the Native Americans
  • Descendant of those who fought for our freedom in the Revolutionary War
  • Descendant of those who fought for the Rebels in the Civil War
  • The third generation to attend college on one side
  • The first generation to attend college on another side
  • Descendant of hardworking men and women
  • Descendant of men and women who follow their convictions in the face of adversity
  • Descendant of a teetotaling prohibitionist
  • Descendant of Christian household after Christian household
... and those are just the ancestors I know about...

My ancestors... on both sides have been in America for generations.  The men and women who proceed me -- my father, mother, grandfathers, grandmothers, great-grandparents and generations before were/are AMAZING men and women.  There is not a sloth or a glutton in the bunch -- we have had a few nutty/hippie aunts, uncles, and cousins over the years, but my ancestors are so impressive. 

My ancestors are hard-working, strong, loving men and women, who followed their dreams, and then sacrificed for their family.

I am cut from unbelievable cloth.
I am the absolute best of American history all culminating in one and only descendant from the combination of both sides of my family.


And now, all of my heritage, all of the strength of my history has been combined with the generations and generations and generations of my husband's history, and we have created our perfect baby girl.

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