Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Abbie's Bridal Shower

Tracey Ann and I went to Michigan last weekend for my childhood best friend, Abbie's, bridal shower.  My mom and I hosted the shower, and it was so much fun.  Abbie came in from New York, I came in from Colorado, and everyone else was from Michigan.

There is something so special about your childhood best friend getting married.  I was called "Brookie" more times at the shower than I have been called in the past five years.

What a great time.

The house is ready...

The party can start.

My mom and Abbie, the bride-to-be

Abbie, her Grandma (Grandma Rockwood) and Tracey Ann

The blushing bride-to-be

Tracey Ann loved the party

So many lovely gifts

Is this how Aunt Abbie will wear her veil?

Our little party girl just wanted to be a part of everything.

Tracey Ann's first "Selfie"

Kolbs, Rockwoods, Sandens -- we all grew up together.
From piano, swim team, girl scouts we saw a lot of each other for many years and now we're all over the country (and some girls not pictured here).

There is something so special about your best friend meeting and adoring your baby.

The happy couple 

Many friends

Both Abbie's grandmas

Lovely gifts

Grammy, Mama, Tracey Ann (I LOVE this picture)

Abbie, her mom, and both her grandmas

Such a great group

Tracey Ann was happy as long as she was a part of everything

Many gifts

Aunts and Grandmas

I love this picture --
Brooke and Abbie all grown up

Mr. Rockwood came when the party was over, and gave Tracey Ann her first piano lesson.

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