Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Treasuring the Present: This One Week

Today, I am treasuring the present -- this ONE week of the summer.

The past two weeks both Chris and I have been working.  We have been juggling which one of us is with Tracey Ann 12 hours a day, and we've pretty much been passing ships.

Starting next week, Hubby and I will be traveling, visiting family for nearly five weeks.

When we return in August, both Hubby and I will be working again and trying to figure out baby-sitting arrangements.

This is the ONE WEEK of the summer when I am HOME ALL DAY -- my dream come true.  Staying home, focusing on Tracey Ann, taking care of our home.

... Here is one of my new favorite pictures of Tracey Ann and me...

I don't want to focus on all the chores I need to do this week to prepare for us to leave town, and prepare the house for a house-sitter... I just want to treasure the present.

This is the week when I can catch up on laundry, stock our freezer, spend quality, focused time with Tracey Ann, search online for some nursery ideas, try to organize my desk for the first time since Tracey Ann was born, mail off some presents, get out for some jogs, support Hubby in his new administrative jobs, and try to establish a daily routine with Tracey Ann.

This week is my Holy Grail!

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