Friday, June 27, 2014

Get Use To It

Tracey Ann and I have some thing to get used to this summer.

Tracey Ann has to get used to traveling and entertaining herself in her carseat.

Sometimes we get smiles...

Sometimes she entertains herself...

 Sometimes she and Lloyd sleep...

Sometimes she plays...

I have to get used to many people taking turns holding and carrying Tracey Ann.  She has been passed around to more people in the two days we've traveled between Vail and St. Louis than she has the past two months.

My second-cousin, Roberta, in Denver

My dad's cousin, "Aunt" Ann, in Denver

Lunch with family who knew my sister, Tracey -- Tracey Ann's namesake

Chris' friend

This lovely couple has five grandsons and NO granddaughters -- they LOVED Tracey Ann

Seeing Chris' family, and meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa for the first time

Great Grandma was nearly in tears... and Cousin Zivah, was wide-eyed

Grandma Miller was in heaven with her two granddaughters

Great Grandma couldn't get enough of Tracey Ann

"Will she let me hold her?"

The best picture of Grandma and her girls

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