Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A New Stage of Life

Hubby and I have entered a new stage of life... gone are the days of adult dinner parties where all guest chime in on one topic, and proceed to another, and welcome are crazy family get-togethers with children, chaos, and fun.  The new stage of life is awesome.

Hubby and I have two new neighbors near us both of whom either have young children or are expecting their first child.  By the way, you know you live in a small town if you go to introduce yourself to your new neighbors, and you find you already know one of them, from work... and then you invite the two new neighbors over for dinner, and you find that they already know each other, from high school.

One couple has two little boys, ages two and eight-months, and the other couple is expecting their first child in August.  Then, we have our sweet Tracey Ann, who is four-months.

It was a wonderful couple of hours of playing with kiddos, wrangling kiddos, laughing with other parents, having two or more conversations going on at the same dinner table... not including a side parent-child conversation negotiating how much the child would eat.  Tracey Ann got her first real interaction with other children, and had a little chatter with the other baby, and enjoyed the two-year-old who wanted to bring her every toy in the house.

Here is the two year old giving Tracey Ann every toy he could find.

Here is Tracey Ann piled with toys from the two-year-old.

This was the best picture I could get of the two babies chattering... it was brief, but adorable.

We had a simple meal of brats, baked beans, a corn dish, jello salad, and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  The subjects ranged from college football, to childbirth, to nursing, to local news, to how to teach children about guns, to stories about how each of the couples met.

I have to admit Chris was the one who really encouraged us to have them over, as I was a little skeptical about what we would all have in common... but we really had fun, and I think everyone enjoyed each other's company.

Plus, *BONUS* our house is now clean!

We are having other friends over on Friday, and there will be total of seven kids and six adults at that meal... let the fun continue.

I am LOVING this new stage of life.

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