Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oh My...

Oh My... life is different these days.

Hubby and I are preparing to go out of town for a few weeks, and the amount of STUFF we have to bring has nearly quadrupled since having Tracey Ann.

I have an entire suitcase (a small one, but still...) filled with her outfits.  I don't expect that she will NEED that many outfits... but many of them she is likely to have outgrown by the time we get home... so if we don't bring them with us, she won't wear them during this brief window when she can.

Add the clothes to the bouncy seat, the door-frame jumper, the pack-n-play, the diapers, the cloth diapers, the stroller, the jogger, the video monitor, the toys, the car seat, the floor mat, the hats, the headbands, the night light, the breast pump, the high chair... and more.  I'll have to check my list to find out what I'm forgetting.

Here it goes... road tripping with a baby -- not a newborn... we've done that... but now she's a baby.  An active, chattery, loves-to-moves, will-not-want-to-be-in-her-car-seat-all-day baby.

Lord, please help us, protect us, be with us as we travel, and give us -- all of us, especially Tracey Ann, peace.

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