Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Treasuring the Present: Current Age

It has been a long time since I've done Treasuring the Present Tuesday... not because I haven't been trying to cherish the present but mostly because I've been unaware of when its Tuesday.

In an effort to catch up a little bit here is a list of what I'm treasuring these days:
  • Tracey Ann's age -- she is so much fun.  She smiles at us all the time, she is reaching for everything, including us, she is trying to grab things, and thankfully she doesn't quite have it down yet -- the other day, she nearly pushed my bowl of cereal off the table... thank goodness she doesn't quite have the gripping down yet.
  • Summer break is here, but Hubby and I are both still working.  I am grateful for the work we're able to do, but the bulk of the summer is still ahead of us.  Also, we're able to arrange our work schedules, for the most part, so that one of us is home with Tracey Ann.
  • We have a clean house at the moment because we had company stop by as a friend drove across the state of Colorado.  Our house is the cleanest its been since my mom was living here.
  • Hubby and I are taking time to reconnect with each other because our work schedule is more flexible than the school year -- we've even stayed up late playing cards together.  It feels so nice to make reconnecting a priority.
  • Tracey Ann is growing stronger every day -- rolling to her side, kicking up her legs, jumping on her legs, with support -- I've heard people say that, as parents, your favorite age is the one your child is... they're right.

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