Monday, June 16, 2014

Hubby's First Fathers' Day

Here are some images from Hubby's first Fathers' Day with our Tracey Ann.

I posted this collage on Instagram and Facebook to recognize Hubby's first Fathers' Day.

I also posted these pictures in honor of our dads and Tracey Ann's granddads.

Our Fathers' Day celebration began Saturday night when Hubby, Tracey Ann, and I went to Grand Junction for some activities of Hubby's choice.  Top of the list... Tracey Ann's first trip to Cabelas.  What do you think of her coon-skin cap?

Tracey Ann's outfit was a big deal, because this is the first little dress that Hubby bought for Tracey Ann, and this is the first time she has worn it.  It is pink and green and has a frilly tutu.  She looked adorable, and Hubby was so proud to see her in "his" outfit.

Hubby wanted to eat at Texas Road House, and we brought Tracey Ann's little high-chair that attaches to the table.  It worked really well... and she played in it for about ten minutes before wanting out.

So grown up sitting with us at the table.

Hubby LOVED his Fathers' Day dinner... steak and ribs.

Sunday morning, I put Tracey Ann in an outfit from Hubby's mom for church... Tracey Ann and I agreed that the dress is wonderful... but the hat is too much.  Can we say Little Bo Peep?

Tracey Ann fell asleep at church... and Hubby thought it would make a cute picture.  Clearly he was really tuned into the sermon... but the sermon was on not being judgmental... so I won't judge.

Tracey Ann's new thing is to reach up and touch/grab our mouth and lips.  She blows bubbles with her mouth and touches our mouths.  It is adorable, and you can tell she is learning so much every day.

After church we opened some Fathers' Day cards and presents.

Hubby's big gift was a bicycle, but Tracey Ann still wanted to give him a card and a few small gifts.

She had so much fun helping Daddy.

"I'll help, Daddy."

Sunday afternoon, we attended a friend's wedding up in Beaver Creek.  In the car on the way up we called our dads, and granddads to wish them a Happy Fathers' Day.

It was a gorgeous day up in the mountains for the wedding.

We are so happy for Maggie and Bradley, and were so blessed to be a part of their special day.

Maggie, Jenny, and I used to be roommates... now I'm married with Tracey Ann, Maggie is newly married, and Jenny is getting married in 24 days.  We've come a long way.

It was such a wonderful Fathers' Day.

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