Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Where We Stand -- Perfect

This is a "where we stand"/"for what its worth" post...

I think our baby girl is absolutely perfect.  Yes, Hubby and I will be working on molding her character and shaping her behaviors for the rest of our lives, but Tracey Ann is absolutely perfect.

I look at this beautiful baby, and her little cheeks are so kissable, her little features are so perfect for her body... everything is so tiny, and everything grows together.

Her ears, her nose, her little lips, her toes, her fingernails, her wispy little hair... she is perfectly and beautiful made by the Lord, and there is nothing I would ever change about her.

That is why, we will not be piercing her ears or painting her nails as a baby.  I don't want to do anything to her little body.  It is absolutely perfect the way it is.

I have no doubt that she, in time, will express a desire to paint her finger- and toenails, and get her ears pierced, and we will address to those options at the time... but that will be when SHE inquires about each.

I am all about dressing up my baby girl -- I love putting her in frilly dresses, silky bloomers, and flowerly headbands... I have no problem imposing my ideas of little girl fashion on my baby girl while she is this small, before she can object.  But those are clothes and outfits.

As her Mama, I do not need to doll up her body with womanly fashion statements of adulthood -- or at the very least, preschool.

Nail polish will come, when she requests it.  For crying out loud, I have a hard enough time trimming her little nails, I have no desire to try to paint them -- plus, her tiny little nails are perfect.  No need for paint.

Ear piercing will come, when she requests it, or the age of ten... whichever is last.  I had my ears pierced at the age of ten, and it felt like a right of passage... and there were plenty of years of stick-on, and clip-on earrings in the years before then.  Her tiny little ears are perfect, and I will not be doing anything to them.

The great thing is that I'm Tracey Ann's Mama, and I get to make this call about how and when nail polish and earrings come onto her body.  Other Moms get to make their own decision about their baby girls.

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  1. I got my ears pierced when I was 8 and I looked forward to it for months! I was so proud... It was indeed like a rite of passage :)


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