Thursday, June 5, 2014


My job involves a LOT of travel - upwards of 200 miles a day at times.  In going back to work, time in the car could have been harder than anything -- time wasted.  Time travel is time when I'm not with my baby, I'm not taking care of my home, I'm not teaching students, and I'm not responding to emails.

Thankfully, my time on the road was delightful for one reason: Mitford.

There is a series of books by Jan Karon called The Mitford Books.  I have listened to them a few years ago, but, in going back to work, I've recently started the series again.

The series is about an episcopalian rector, Father Tim, who lives in a tiny town, fully of personality, in the mountains of North Carolina.  The book, and the town, are full of hilarious, adorable supporting characters with whom the reader/listener just fall in love.

Because Father Tim is a minister, he is always trying to draw closer to God, always reading and reciting scriptures, and so reading stories about him is such a Godly influence.  Even his huge black dog points the reader back to the Lord -- the dog is only obedient to the recitation of scripture.

There are nine Mitford books (a tenth will be released later this year), and even a subsequent series of four or so about Father Tim's childhood.  The first Mitford book might take place in the early/mid-nineties and the series spans about ten years... thus far, its still going.

On days when I might have been frustrated with work, or discouraged at being away from my baby, the Mitford books brought me back to a beautiful Christian town of neighbors and friends.  It Mitford existed, I would be moving there immediately.

I sincerely invite you to make yourself At Home In Mitford (book 1 of the Mitford series).

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