Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Letters: Where Do Our Evenings Go?

Friday Letters:
  •  Dear Friday, Since Hubby and I have an exciting weekend plan, you have a little stress with your arrival this week instead of relief.  Hopefully Hubby and I can stay organized enough to make this weekend enjoyable.
  • Dear Lloyd, Are you ready for your annual Dock Dog Jumping debut?
  • Dear Lexie, We miss you, but we're glad you're having a blast at Camp Grammy and Papa in Michigan.
  • Dear Young Living Essential Oils, Hubby and I are having fun exploring the different advertised uses for our new oils.  So far our nightly routine includes Valor, Theives, Peace and Calming, and Purification.
  • Dear Tracey Ann, You are just the perfect age.  You are this cuddly, perfect, chubby little baby.  Every moment with you (except your occasional 4am feedings) is so wonderful.  Your daddy and I LOVE being your parents.
  • Dear Fit Mountain Millers Accountability Group, This was our first week of keeping each other accountable for summer fitness, and I was a little discouraged at first by a lack of group excitement, but members have really stepped up as the week went on.  I'm really happy to be jumping into summer fitness with you all.
  • Dear Hubby, How do you like your new mountain bike?
  • Dear Tracey Ann, You are changing SO much.  You just turned four months a little over a week ago and you've already changed so much in that time -- you've found your feet, you've ROLLED OVER, you've begun to giggle (little by little), and your no longer sleeping in your bassinet.  WHERE is the time going?
  • Dear Blog, I need to start writing my posts at another time during the day rather than at bedtime.  Sometimes Tracey Ann's bedtime routine lingers on... and add that to washing diapers, hanging diapers, cleaning the kitchen, and hoping to grab a bite of dinner, and maybe cuddling with my hubby... the blog doesn't always get the attention its used before bed.
  • Dear Summer, Even though Hubby and I are both still working, and our bedtime routine needs work, and I keep forgetting to vacuum the house, I am hoping to cherish every day.  Everything is better with our little punkin.  Better, requiring more planning, more equipment, and more sing-song voices.  :-D
  • Dear Go-Pro Mountain Games, We're hoping for beautiful weather, kind crowds, and lots of fun for this year's games in Vail.
Have a great weekend.

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