Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here and Now Spring 2014

Here and Now...

Making:  An effort to be more joyful during my day.  I love my time with Tracey Ann, but I find myself annoyed by our not-clean house and our busy work schedules.

Cooking:  Up ways to be more productive during the day... Tracey Ann really wants to be held almost all the time these days.
Drinking:  Water, water water.  Also, drinking in the joy of having a baby girl.
Reading:  Emails, facebook, blogs, and the occasional magazine when I'm a passenger in the car
Wanting:  To lose 15+ pounds this summer and get out and exercising more as a family

Looking:  Like a tired mother most of the time.
Playing:  Candy Crush on my phone while breastfeeding... it's really addictive.  I hope its a least good for my mind in some way.
Wasting:  Energy being upset by little things

Sewing:  What I reap
Wishing:  That hubby and I were more in sync at the moment -- becoming parents is a marital adjustment
Enjoying:  Working out with Hubby, Lloyd and Tracey Ann -- we've gone biking, running, and played tennis this week.
Waiting:  For life to begin... just kidding... that's a line from a song that I love.  Waiting for the day when I can be a full-time wife and mama
Liking:  Our strollers for Tracey Ann -- a new baby jogger, and the pram attachment to our city select.  We use our strollers ALL THE TIME!
Wondering:  What the next ten years will bring... and trying to joyfully have faith and not wonder and worry our life away
Loving: Tracey Ann Miller -- I am completely head over heels in love with our daughter
Hoping:  The Lord provides us with the perfect baby-sitting situation for next school year
Marveling: At how much Tracey Ann learns and grows and changes every day -- time needs to stop for awhile
Needing: The pain in my wrist to go away -- I have "Mommy Thumb" in my left wrist/thumb and it is driving me crazy
Smelling: Like young living essential oils -- we've taken the plunge and ordered the starter kit... every night I put different oils on everyone and we smell oily
Wearing:  The same clothes that fit every day
Following:  Too many reality shows
Noticing:  How critical I am
Knowing: That my eating habits needs to change before my body will change
Thinking:  About what adorable outfit I will put Tracey Ann in tomorrow
Bookmarking:  Moby wrap holds for 4-6 month babies
Opening:  Our windows at night to try to bring in the cool mountain air
Giggling:  Our baby girl is not yet... I think she has my lack-of sense of humor.
Feeling:  Like we might need to invest in a cleaning lady

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