Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Outfits - 1

Oh, the outfits.  I LOVE Tracey Ann's outfits.

When she was a newborn, she wore sleepers all the time.  Some days she would wear the same sleeper all day, and all night.

Now, I get SO excited to get her dressed in the morning.  Then, sometimes I end up hoping there is a reason to change her clothes mid-way through the day.  Then, I put her in a sleeper for bedtime.  I LOVE her outfits, and I have to work hard to keep track of which ones she currently fits in, and which ones she is about to grow out of, and which one she will be growing into next.

I blink and she has grown out of adorable outfits, so I have to make sure she wears them as much as possible before she grows out of them.

Here are some of my favorite outfits that she fits in at the moment:

I love this little daisy romper.  The picture was taken in May, but it still fits... just without the undershirt.

The first outfit that Daddy bought for her... and its purple and green -- my favorite color combination.

Grandma makes me SMILE -- well, both grandmas make her smile.

She has already outgrown this adorable sleeper... her little legs are too long.

Shirt and jeans, hand-me-downs from an older girl at our church.

Colorado "Grown Locally" onesie

I LOVE this purple romper from Michigan family

Another picture of this adorable outfit

Another cute sleeper

A beautiful dress made by Great Aunt Mary from Great Uncle Dan and Great Aunt Mary

... and I couldn't choose which picture was the cutest in this outfit... Hi Great Uncle Dan!

... so I'm posting a few of them...Tracey Ann loved to get her fingers stuck in the loose weave of the dress and then play with the fabric.

... and sometimes taking pictures means the baby falls over in the process...

Stop growing, Tracey Ann!!!!  Your outfits are too cute... but we want you to be a healthy baby, so keep growing if you must... I'll just keep changing your outfit multiple times a day.  :-D

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