Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Treasuring the Present: Ready

Today it is hard to treasure the present because Hubby and I are ready for the baby... so I am treasuring the fact that we feel ready for the baby.  That being said, I want to be really clear, in my 9th month of pregnancy, I am not miserable, I am not whining, I am not begging my doctor to induce my labor or take the baby via C-section, I'm not even that uncomfortable these days... its just, for the first time since we found out we were pregnant, we are ready for the baby whenever the Lord decides it is time for him or her to arrive.

Our house is beautiful, clean, organized, ready for the baby, and ready for company.  There are no half-finished piles of work anywhere, piles of clean baby clothes that need to be folded, or even piles of dirty dishes in the sink (they are in the dishwasher awaiting the next wash cycle).

Every day, I see students, and complete work for my job, but every day, I have more and more accomplished, that it will be easier and easier to hand the reigns over to my substitute when that time comes.

Hubby and I had our perfect little getaway weekend, and upon returning, we are both ready for the what comes next - parenthood.  I'm not sure if we both have a parental sense that the birth is coming, or if we are just overly anxious because its our first child, but both Hubby and I feel that every day could be the day I go into labor.  A few weeks ago, when I called him during the day, Hubby would answer the phone immediately after it started ringing and ask if I was in labor.  This week, he has started calling ME throughout the day to ask if I'm in labor.  :-D

Each night, we cuddle up in each others' arms, fall asleep early (we hear that sleep is the thing to treasure these days), and wonder if this will be our last night before our little one begins his or her arrival.

We might be feeling this way for another two or three weeks... but today, I am cherishing that we are ready.  We are not afraid, we are not behind-the-eight-ball on the things we want to accomplish, we are not miserable and trying to induce labor, we are simply ready.

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