Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Animals

I feel ready for the baby... until I think about our animals.

We have the best two animals in the world, Lexie and Lloyd, and I'm not ready for how a baby might change our family, in terms of our critters.


Lexie is the most lovable, adorable kitty-cat.  In the first several years of my having her, I cannot count the amount of times I heard, "I don't really like cats... but I like Lexie."  She loves to cuddle, and she purrs so often that the vet started calling her "motorboat" because she couldn't listen to her lungs through all the purring. 

At almost 6 years of age, she still love to play whether she's jumping up to hang from my elbow, wrestling with Hubby, popping out from a box to scare Lloyd, or attacking our ankles from under the bed.  She talks to us when she needs something -- she will meow at a closed door, if she wants it opened.

She is 7 lbs... the perfect size of our little furry, kitten-baby.  She even loves to ride in the baby-slings we now have around the house, and she thinks the bassinet and baby swing are the perfect size for her.  Lexie has been my baby since before I met Chris, and she has been such a trooper through Chris joining the family, and then Lloyd joining the family... I just hope she will always know how loved she is, and how important she is in our family.


Lloyd is such a pack-animal, and is SOOO eager to please.  It breaks our heart to have to scold him because he takes it SO hard when we're unhappy with him.  He wants to be with us no matter what we are doing.  As long as he is along for the ride, or laying at our feet, or in the same room he is a happy dog.

He loves to wrestle, and lick, and play, and fetch... and while he wants to be protective of us (he has a ferocious bark), he has proven to be quite a scaredey-dog when strangers actually enter the house. 

My hope is that because Lloyd is such a pack animal, that when he realizes the baby is a part of the pack, he will embrace our little one with the same blind love and devotion he has for us. 

I need to pray how to carefully, and lovingly teach him what is and what is not okay to do with the baby so he doesn't get in trouble for doing something he never learned was wrong.

Our animals have added so much love and joy to our family, and we couldn't imagine our life without them.  People have told me that your love for your animals changes when you have a baby... I hope they are wrong.  A parent's love for older children doesn't change when they have a new baby, so why would our love for our animals change with the arrival of a new baby?

In these past years, I have cried more tears into these animals fur, and danced for joy with both of these animals as much, if not more than I have cried and danced with my husband.  They are the best animals in the world, and we are SO lucky that God chose our family to love and care for them.

I am ready for the baby... until I think about our animals.  Lord, please, let them be ready for the baby.  Teach us how to love a human baby, and our two animals babies.

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