Sunday, January 12, 2014

Still 29

Last night Hubby and I had a very memorable dinner experience at The 10th Restaurant on Vail Mountain to celebrate my 30th birthday.  That being said, I am still 29 until tomorrow.

This very upscale restaurant opened on Vail Mountain about two years ago, and Hubby and I have been wanting to try it, but we have wanted it to be a special occasion when we do.  For over a year, we have planned to eat dinner there on my 30th birthday.

The 10th is a special restaurant because you actually have to take a gondola up the mountain to Mid-Vail, after all the lifts and the entire mountain are closed to eat at the restaurant.  Then, there was a UTV to drive us the 100 feet from the gondola to the front door of the 10th.

Dinner was very pricy, but it was the fanciest meal we have ever had together.  In addition to our appetizer, entree, and dessert, our dinner included a pre-muse, an amuse bouche, sorbet to cleanse our palet, and fudge to end our meal.

It was a very memorable meal, and a great way to begin the end of my twenties.

The 10th is a beautiful, very unique restaurant.

The amuse bouche - pear and blue cheese

Our baked bre and filo dough appetizer -- A-MAZING!

Watermelon sorbet before our entrees

I forgot to take pictures of our entrees before we dug in...
I had elk tenderloin,

and hubby had halibut and lobster risotto.

They surprised me with a DELICIOUS, fancy, birthday dessert...

Look at this!!!  They even wrote my name on the plate!

Hubby enjoyed a berry cobbler dessert

The 10th is opened during ski hours, and provides warm slippers for patrons to wear instead of their ski boots.  I was SOOO excited about these slippers, and I wore snow boots in anticipation of the slippers.  It turns out, the slippers aren't usually available after ski hours... but the staff was so sweet, and they found me a pair of slippers so I didn't have to wear my boots all night.

The mountain was so beautiful, peaceful, and serene at night, with the moon and stars and no skiers.  It was also our baby's first time on the mountain (I skied all last season, but I didn't become pregnant until May -- after ski season ended).  It was a very special night.

A lot of lights are on the trees in Vail Village in the winter... it is such a beautiful place.

But, let the record show... I am still 29.

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  1. That looks sooo fancy! We had a similar evening once thanks to a prize Jeff won at a work conference. Mmmm, it's still a great memory and we hope to go to a similar dinner in the future :) Maybe our 10th wedding anniversary haha!


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