Saturday, January 18, 2014

American Child

I am not always thrilled with my country.
I love America, but I don't always love Americans.
I would say, the past 5-6 years, I've been especially dissatisfied with the policy and direction of legislation in my country.

That being said... but a pin in that thought for a moment.
I have not been especially emotional throughout my pregnancy.  I think both my husband and I are surprised by this, because I am a very emotional person when I'm not pregnant.  Since becoming pregnant, some things still make me cry, but both Hubby and I agree, I cry less since I've been pregnant than I regularly cried before getting pregnant -- go figure.

That being said... one subject has brought me to emotional, joyful, overwhelming tears without fail throughout this pregnancy, and that is the thought of our child growing up in America.

I am not always thrilled with my country, but there is NO OTHER COUNTRY that has more opportunities for my child.  My child will be a citizen of the greatest country in the world.  My child will not be limited because of his or her culture, or religion, or income, or family history, or political opinion.  Our child can develop any interest, hobby, passion, career goal he or she can dream.

The fact that my husband and I are teachers does not determine what our child will be.  The fact that our child may fail kindergarten, or skip sixth grade doesn't determine his or her career path.  The fact that our child's grandparents were blue-collar workers, or white-collar workers, or congressmen, or jail birds does not determine our child's occupation.  Our child's drive, and intelligence, and hard work, and desire, and tenacity, and calling determines his or her occupation.  Our child will be born in a country without predetermined limits.  Our child will be born in the land of the free.

Our child will be an American child, and that knowledge fills me to with joy and goosebumps.  My husband and I may not be able to provide everything for our child that he or she wants or desires... but we can instill in him or her the value of hard work and the accomplishment and reward that comes from working hard in America.

Among others, these are two songs that have left me sobbing lately:

"American Child" by Phil Vassar

"Only in America" by Brooks & Dunn

God Bless America.

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