Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Absolutly Amazing

Some brief bullets about things I have found absolutely amazing during the first four days of Tracey Ann's life.  They may be discombobulated or incomplete, as she is due for a feeding in just a few minutes.

  • My daughter is perfect.  I work with students every day who have special needs because something went awry during pregnancy.  My daughter is absolutely perfect.
  • God was right when he promised Eve that childbirth would be difficult... childbirth was *ahem* difficult.  But God also designed a woman's body to recover from childbirth very quickly.  I gave birth to Tracey on Friday night, and Saturday I was tired and sore... but I could not believe the difference in how my body was feeling by Sunday.  On Sunday I felt like a new woman -- still sore, but 100% better than Saturday.  The way God designed the human body to heal itself is truly astounding.
  • I am this little girl's mother.  During the first four days of her life, there are things I know about her that her grandparents, and even her daddy doesn't know.  I am learning more and more about her every day, and our bond will continue to grow, but she is my daughter, and I am her mother, and it is a sensation and a phenomenon like none I have every experienced.
  • A newborn cry is the most adorable thing in the world.  I might have heard a newborn cry before, in passing, but I've never learned the difference between a cry and a newborn cry.  A newborn cry is the most precious thing, and she only cries when something is wrong.  I don't know if this is true of every newborn, or just our perfect little Tracey, but, if she is crying, something is wrong -- we just have to figure out what it is.
  • My husband and I are learning every day.  Our first night home was rough -- certainly a bonding experience for us -- our second night was better because we learned from the first night.  This, apparently, is parenting.
  • Nothing else matters.  I now have a child... my very own newborn baby girl.  Nothing else in the world matters.  She is now our world.
  • My husband is amazing.  My love for him grows every moment I see him with our beautiful baby.  Our love, and God's grace, created her, and our love, and  God's grace, is needed every day of her life to help us do what is best for her and our family.

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  1. she is so so beautiful and amazing! Enjoy every single minute with her :)


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