Monday, January 13, 2014

Not Any More!

She was 29...

Yes, my beautiful, loving, caring, wise, funny, and amazingly young looking wife has now joined the 30-something club!

She has soaked up all she could in her twenties.
Brooke has studied abroad,

graduated from Washington and Lee University,

completed TWO graduated degrees from Vanderbilt University,

moved to and lived in her dream location, Vail, Colorado,

skied a lot,

met an amazing guy,

then met an even more amazing soon-to-be husband after she dumped the other guy,
(he was a little too old fashioned)
(This is really what I looked like when she met me)

 had that same guy kneel down and ask her to marry him on the same ski run that her parents were engaged on just 30 years earlier,

married that guy in one of the most beautiful weddings in history,

and you can probably finish the lyrics to the song...

first comes love,
then comes marriage...

She did almost everything in her twenties.

Happy 30th Birthday Brooke.
May your thirties bring you even more adventure, fun, laughter, and joy.

I know they will include one thing, a lot more love because you get to spend ALL of your thirties with me!
You are the luckiest girl in the world!

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