Thursday, December 27, 2012

WICKEDly Awesome Night!

Last night Chris and my Miller family all went to go see WICKED the Musical!

Have you seen scenes for WICKED?  Are you familiar with the music?
You need to be!  Everyone needs to be!

We have been excited about this evening since last March and it was wonderful!

Dinner, Dressed Up, Family, Music, FABULOUS Entertainment, Memories...

Great Italian food... most of which I took home -- this was a huge plate of food!

Beautiful, Historical, FOX Theatre

Don't we look great?  Our outfits show what a special occasion it was!

We had great seats.  What a show!

The whole theatre was extra beautiful because it was decorated for Christmas.

It was a great night.

 My hubby made it happen!  I love him so much!

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