Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sometimes and Always: Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I've done Sometimes and Always... mostly because the blog that hosts it hasn't done it in awhile... but that's no reason I can't do it.  Come to think about it, the blog that hosts As of Late hasn't done that in awhile either... I need to remember to do that topic soon too.

Sometimes: I need to call my hubby to give me a pep talk before I press play on the exercise DVD
Always: My hubby is amazing and he tells me that I can do it and how proud he is of me and that he's going to ask me how I did when he gets home

Sometimes: I plan on taking a shower and going to sleep as soon as my workout is over
Always: I have so much energy after the workout is over and the plan to go to sleep is postponed for 5-7 hours.

Sometimes: The work that goes into sending Christmas cards is a little tiring
Always: I am SO glad to send and receive Christmas cards -- I love that Chris and I are accumulating our own family history through our yearly Christmas cards.  I cannot wait to see how our family changes over the years.  Even just comparing last year's card and this year's card makes me smile!

Sometimes: When my hubby snores at night, instead of physically nudging him awake, I search for a youtube clip of someone snoring and play it until he wakes up
Always: I'm not particularly proud of this, but in the morning, my hubby admits that it was really funny

Sometimes: I feel like every one of my married friends is pregnant
Always: I am grateful for this very joyful, exciting stage of life

Sometimes: The knowledge that both Chris and my families come together for Thanksgiving in our beautiful, cozy little home and make memories together for a few days overwhelms me to joyful tears
Always: After several days of both of our INCREDIBLY different families together under the same roof, I'm grateful that it only happens once a year

 What has been going on in your world?

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