Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Letters: Post-Christmas Traveling

  • Dear Christmas, You FLEW by this year!
  • Dear Time in St. Louis, You were really awesome this year -- I was not expecting the time to be as much fun as it was.  Thank you.
  • Dear Exercising, You and I have had a date every day of vacation thus far (except travel days and sick days) and I have loved it... I look forward to a date every day I'm in Michigan too.
  • Dear Mom and Daddy, Chris and I are ON OUR WAY!
  • Dear Snow, You remain MIA.
  • Dear WICKED, You are A-MAZING!  I love you!
  • Dear Cabelas, Why in the world were you SOOOO much busier two days after Christmas than one day before Christmas?  I was NOT expecting that!
  • Dear Drive-To-Michigan, Please go by quickly... very quickly.
  • Dear Lloyd, You seem to have LOVED your time playing with your cousins... I think we are going to need to get a little brother or sister for you... but not at the moment.  I'm glad you have so much fun with your cousins.  You guys are a HOOT to watch!
  • Dear Lexie, I'm glad you've learned to make the best of life when we're in St. Louis.  Now comes your reward -- time in Michigan where you are the Queen and your Sanden Grandparents spoil you rotten!
  • Dear Hubby, I love you and I love our Christmases together.
 What letters are you sending this Friday?

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