Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Dozen Images of Christmas

Our Christmas season has been so wonderful.

Here are a dozen images of our Christmas Season thus far:

We saw this sign and tree that have begun growing together while we were out driving in the mountains... I think these two very opposite objects growing together as one really reminds me of marriage.

Can your dog jump this high for a snowball?
We LOVE this puppy!

Lexie thinks that the Christmas decorations are her personal Christmas presents -- our house because a playground full of obstacles for her own personal entertainment.  :-D

 This is one of my favorite ornaments... I have so many favorite ornaments because I remember where so many are from and who gave them to me.  This was from my mom and dad (my mom picked it out) a few years after I started decorating my own tree away from home.

If you ever want to find the warmest place in our house, find Lexie... a cupboard in our bathroom has a heating vent inside and its her favorite place to sleep.

Novelties of living in a ski town...

Plates of Christmas Cookies ready to be delivered!

There are beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere... including at the local gun shop... this is "Rifle" after all.
 Our sweet puppy took a flying leap off our of four-wheeler while we were driving along at 15-20mph.  We thought he fractured his leg, but, fortunately, it was just a sprain.  Our little guy was in a lot of pain for a few days, and we really pampered him.  Breakfast in bed and everything!

I think this is one of the coolest decorations I've every seen... Compliments of the Rifle Library!

Christmas cards are filling our mailbox every day, and I love displaying them!

 I love Nativity Scenes... and I really like this picture that I took of a Nativity Scene on our street.

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  1. Oh, I love the book tree! That is so cool!!!

    Also, I couldn't reply to your comment because you don't have your email address listed, but the giveaway ends next Wednesday!


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