Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Laundry

I am learning more and more that laundry is one of the most satisfying activities in my life.

Call me crazy, but many activities in which I engage do not go according to plan.
My work days can have unexpected twists and turns.
My recreational activities can be unpredictable.
Family events can have any number of unforeseen elements.
Cooking and baking endeavors can create the most interesting and unreliable results.

Laundry... laundry is so reliable!

Even if the temperature setting if off, or if the loads are bigger or small than normal... whatever the factors are, the result is clean, dry clothes!!!

I have such a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I've done laundry!

In the above picture, some might view a few drying racks... but I see a beautiful laundry tree adorned with lots of beautiful clean clothes!

Laundry is so fulfilling!

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