Friday, December 14, 2012

My Bride's Heirloom Ornaments

My favorite ornaments this year are a set.

Look at our sweet puppy by the tree!
My mom bought a beautiful set of Bride's Heirloom Ornaments many years ago... sometime when I was in college, or maybe even before... to give me when I was a Bride.  She never showed them to me, but kept them safely in the my dad and her basement with a little note on the box that said "For Brookie when she gets married," in case someone found the box in the basement before they were given to me.

She gave them to Chris and me two Christmases ago, when Chris and I got engaged, but this year is the first Christmas they've made it on our tree.  They are so fragile that I don't store them in the same place as our other ornaments, so I forgot about them last year.  :-(

This year, I was SOOO excited to hang them on our tree and learn about them for the first time.  There are a dozen different ornaments, and each figure represents a blessing for the bride's home.

I LOVE watching each and every one of these beautiful, delicate ornaments dangle from our tree this year.

  • An Angel Ornament for God's Guidance in the Home
  • A Rose Ornament for Beauty, Affection and the Virgin Mary
  • A Rabbit Ornament for Hope, Faith and Peace with Nature
  •  A Teapot Ornament for Hospitality
  •  A Pine Cone Ornament for Motherhood, Fruitfulness, and Eternity
  •  A Santa Ornament for Unselfishness and Goodwill
  •  A House Ornament for Family Shelter and Protection
  •  A Fruit Basket Ornament for Generosity and Plentiful Bounty
  •  A Bird Ornament for Happiness, Joy, and Confidence in the Home
  •  A Flower Basket Ornament for Good Wishes and Beauty in the Home
  •  A Heart Ornament for True Love in the Home
  •  A Fish Ornament for Christ's Blessing and Fertility

I look at each of these ornaments, and I try to remember the blessings and well-wishes that goes with them, and I offer a prayer that the Lord will bless our household with these beautiful sentiments.

What are your favorite ornaments on your tree this year?

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  1. That's so awesome that your Mom bought those and saved them just for you. I love the meaning behind each one!


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